Posters are the flagship of The Victory Garden of Tomorrow. As objects of voice and power, I want them to be accessible and attractive-from another time, yet so relevant for today. They should represent the progressive American spirit: bold, courageous and ready to break new ground!

Deploy posters as you see fit: in the kitchen, in the pantry, in the greenhouse or henhouse. All prints fit into standard frames. Framing options available for all prints.


House-Hold-series_nameArtboard 67-01.jpg

New for 2018: From soup to sewing, staying in touch with what we consume reinvigorates American life, and assuages the anxieties of modernization. Home-grown, home-made, and hand-fixed will supplement ordinary supplies; and offer a satisfying education and occupation.

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Prints for the beekeepers and those who support them. 


Some of the core posters of the V.G.o.T project.


The Classics

These are the handful of designs that started and guided this project since 2008: food, urban gardens, chickens, the future.


Grow Food

18 x 24 Screenprint

Our Flagship poster, if there is one. This has been on the cover of magazines, a banner for community gardening, and the centerpiece of living rooms across America. Determination, momentum, and charm- "Grow Food!"

Limited Edition, $50.00


Re-Using is Recycling

18 x 24 Screenprint

Here's another one our special edition screen prints. Reminiscent of the old "Use it up" posters of the 1940's, this modern call to reuse household materials is part of our drive for thrifty households that waste less.



Collector's Editions

These are the sturdy designs for home & garden. The 11x14 print sizes are reminiscent of Life magazine pages.

Screenprint Editions

Each design is special, and each color is hand-mixed, then hand printed. These are Limited Editions.

"Keep 'Em Flying"

12 x 18 Screenprint

Our heroes are the common, the simple and can be right in our own backyard. For me, the backyard hen represents a hands-on, empowered approach to food and education.

This is a new edition screen printed poster, 4-colors, printed here in Portland, Oregon.


The Space-Age Gardener

The "Victory Garden" goes to space in these handful of fun prints.

Special Editions