The Poster Gallery

Posters are the flagship of The Victory Garden of Tomorrow. As objects of voice and power, I want them to be accessible and attractive—from another time, yet so relevant for today. They should represent the progressive American spirit: bold, courageous and ready to break new ground!

Deploy posters as you see fit: in the kitchen, in the pantry, in the greenhouse or henhouse. All prints fit into standard frames. Framing options available for all prints.


vgot-spacegarden-headArtboard 99.jpg

New posters for 2018: Space Garden Propaganda! The garden of tomorrow won’t be on this planet. We celebrate and encourage future developments of space-based farms for cultivation of fresh foods—that’s the fuel for astronaut bodies! See also 2019 Calendar “Our New Frontier.”


Original Posters for a new Food Festival in Seattle celebrating our favorite bitter greens. Inspired by vintage French and Italian advertising posters. Collect a single or all three.

House-Hold-series_nameArtboard 67-01.jpg

A new line of Posters for 2018—all for the power of healthier consumption.

House-Hold-series_nameArtboard 67 copy 2-01.jpg

Prints for the beekeepers and those who support them. 


The core representatives of the V.G.o.T project where we envision a future that embraces the power of the plants and earth.


The Classics

These are the handful of designs that started and guided this project since 2008: food, urban gardens, chickens, the future.


Grow Food

18 x 24 Screenprint

Our Flagship poster, if there is one. This has been on the cover of magazines, a banner for community gardening, and the centerpiece of living rooms across America. Determination, momentum, and charm- "Grow Food!"

Limited Edition, $50.00


Collector's Editions

These are the sturdy designs for home & garden. The 11x14 print sizes are reminiscent of Life magazine pages.

Screenprint Editions

Each design is special, and each color is hand-mixed, then hand printed. These are Limited Editions.

"Keep 'Em Flying"

12 x 18 Screenprint

Our heroes are the common, the simple and can be right in our own backyard. For me, the backyard hen represents a hands-on, empowered approach to food and education.

This is a new edition screen printed poster, 4-colors, printed here in Portland, Oregon.


The Classic Space-Age Gardener

The "Victory Garden" goes to space in these handful of fun prints.

Special Editions