Friends of T-Shirt Photography

Since last year we've made a small pile of T-Shirts and T-Shirt model photos. We exclusively use only our most attractive looking friends to pose and try their best at looking cool. Are they fashionable? Maybe. Are they adorable? For sure. And worth browsing, but please note some of the T-Shirts are out of print.

The Power of Mid-Century posters

What is it about the power of these poster ads from the 30's to 40's? I started making this project because of the startling, subtle, emotive power of these images, even 60 years after they were created. I suppose you can see the earnestness of the images-- absolutely no irony-- and that's rare. I feel there's a craving among my generation and younger to go off and do something together. Just join up and make something happen-- not necessarily military (and I realize this is where that spirit is often channeled) but just to be purposeful and have a role. Thats pretty neat to think about. For me, I guess I participate by drawing pictures! 

If you like powerful vintage posters, consider visiting the Portland Art Museum to see the exhibit "Feast and Famine: The Pleasures and Politics of Food". It's about how "artists use the topic of food and drink as a means to explore society, examine ritual, and advocate politically." Until May 4, my posters "Keep 'Em Flying" and "Break New Ground" will be included in the collection.

New Website, New Energy

Let me introduce a whole new website for The VGoT. I've redesigned and redeployed a much simpler, easy to use and beautiful new home for this poster project. I'm so excited to share it and want you to know this is just the beginning-- these are the bones I'll be building on in 2014!