Posters for the Portland Trail Blazers

I’m so proud of my Portland Trail Blazers NBA team for making the playoffs this year! Last year, 2017-2018, I had the high honer of making a few of the game-day posters. Each home game during the regular season, an artist is commissioned to make a poster. Needless to say, the project is a hit, and so many talented designers have made game-day posters.

In honor of the Blazers doing so well this season, I thought I’d bring out my old game day posters and see how they look. They still hold up! My posters were for the “Green Games”—that’s the five games celebrating the five pillars of the Blazers goals to right by the environment. The pillars are Waste, Water, Energy, Food and Transportation. So I made those five posters, in that order. Something neat: they all basically can connect to make one long panorama. Like this:


I’m not really allowed to reproduce any more of these posters, but I do have a set of Artist Proofs that I made available on my Etsy page here.