Printing the House Hold Poster Series

One of the original points of the VGoT poster project was to deliver messages to the home and community that contrasted the messages of food marketers, and asked us to imagine a future where we're more in-touch with what we consume. This is just a hunch, but I believe here in this post-scarcity world, us humans are still better adjusted when we participate in our own support. Even doing or making small things, because there are recipes and projects that we want to bring with us into the future. At least, that's some of the motivational thinking behind this new line of VGoT posters I'm calling the House-Hold Posters Series.

First up, a gorgeous new screen print edition. Actually we printed a single master sheet that was later trimmed to two posters and some handbills. Here's what that looked like:

House-Hold-series_Artboard 94-01.jpg

This is only 3-colors, each hand-mixed to my specs, then each print layed on top of the next to create the final image. Ink on paper! This is not off some conventional printing press, or inkjet. We used a heavy art paper that is archival and durable. Each one features the new House Hold Poster logo:

I'm so very happy with how these turned out. Too bad there are only 100 each of the Set the Table (12x18) and Pickle Dreamin' (11x14). Each one is signed and numbered. There are a few Artists' Proofs that I may make available later. If you would be interested in one of those, feel free to email me.

I don't think these will last very long--so if these appeal to you, I recommend getting one sooner than later!