Had to take a little time

I didn’t totally realize it was a thing until this year. But it makes sense to use the down time of early January to take some time off. These past several years I’ve found myself exhausted after the holidays, usually nursing a cold from all my exposure to the public, and voice shot from all the talking (so many good conversations to be had). There’s also a certain concept exhaustion I feel. I’m just tired of looking and talking about my own stuff for weeks on end. Time off to think about other things can help all that. I used to think, “can’t afford down time!” But now I say, “can’t afford to not have down time.”  This January I spent a week with my brother Daniel who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. We just walked and talked, went to museums. Swapped my home cooking for pizza and coffee! There’s good perspective for me! Plus time at home doing the side projects, and the cooking that takes time. That was nice.

Anyhow, stay tuned for updates on my new projects this year. There’s new energy and renewed focus on garden signs as well as interesting new posters.