What's the "Garden of Democracy"?

The title of my 2018 Calendar is a call to be active on your homefront. As much as I'm distraught with the things I read in the news, I try to keep a long view of America. That's why I like the metaphor of the citizen as a gardener. I think everyone is a kind of gardener, cultivating a life. Practical people like gardeners know that things take time, need good ground work and regular attention to be successful. 

"We have nothing to fear, but fear itself," said one of my favorite Presidents: FDR. We'll work through this time, emerge stronger, with lessons learned. "Gardeners of Democracy" is what we can call ourselves. In this way, I hope to make work that assuages anxiety, and builds confidence in our ability to work through adversity. 


Craftsman Graphic Styling

Inspired by the vintage Arts & Crafts styled homes of Portland, Oregon. The color schemes were chosen to serve as seasonal accent colors, while the line work draws from the beautifully built interiors of 1910's and '20's craftsman homes. Like another built-in shelf, this calendar will fit in any home.