Posters More Than Ever

Thank you for following my work with the VGoT poster series.  I love making posters because they are graphic art at it's most expressive and evocative. Posters can be made loud and demanding; or poised powerfully for quiet strength. Within a vertical rectangle, a poster can tell you what to do, or better yet, show you what you can do. Like a song on the radio, it should be interpreted metaphorically.

Illustrated posters still have a role to play for us modern Americans. I'm still excited when I get asked to make posters available for a community group. I hear from food pantry folks, and garden education folks. They all want to give an imaginative voice to their program, and I’m flattered that my illustrations connect with the energy of their real work in the community. From abstract to concrete-- I love it.

I'm currently reforming the VGoT. It's a project I can't get away from, nor do I want to. But it’s not quite what I wanted it to be. It should be more beautiful, more like a real classic item. It should lend itself to other unique goods that express quality, durability and beauty. That’s why I’ve begun sewing heavy grocery totes and printing on them; as well as fabricating my own wooden poster frames. I want more screen printing, which I’ve always loved—there’s nothing like real ink on paper or fabric. I hope to have these new items ready to share this summer.

Those little jolts of excitement, which propel me to the sketchbook, are coming more frequently now. The hard part is doing the weeding; that is, keeping what’s worth pursuing and tossing what should go to the compost. The thing I crave these days is a project which has an attractive neatness, expressive quality, and is proudly made in the USA. I want posters with a voice that is powerful and imaginative. Its coming along.

Thank you for staying with me! I promise to reward you with some first looks and special offers coming over the next few months.