The 21st Century is still America's Century

Right from the beginning, the VGoT was all about raising up our confidence, creating urgency to make America healthier, more positive place. Today, more than ever, that is exactly what we need. 

Looking back to 2007, when I began making the first posters for the VGoT, my feeling then was one of uncertainty, even fear. For whatever reason--some personal need I suppose--I wanted to make my community feel confident. I wanted to reduce their anxieties, and encourage them to be healthier. With 2008's election, we had a friend in the White House. The ground was made ready and we started to feel better, and treated ourselves better. Farmers markets took off, school gardens grew, lots of people now keep chickens, and children are becoming familiar with the garden and kitchen. None of that is lost, but it is time to once again find our people power, our homemade power, and get a new sense of urgency if we still want to make gains in public health.

The 21st century still beckons us, still calls out to us to keep building the home of tomorrow.