New "V for Victory" Series of Graphics

I'm very excited to present a new line of work this year that focuses on food and cooking. Why? Because that's where the action is! And I know because this year has seen me in the kitchen a lot more than usual. With my wife doing Teacher Education (she's going to be an Elementary School Teacher), that left me doing all the kitchen duty. I love to cook, but when you're busy the favorite things are the simple things!

Last year, the focus was on an active, strong voice to promote feelings of change ("Courage & Progress"). Now with this year's interest in cooking with fresh foods, I want to express my wonder with the simplest pleasures of food, and generally promote interest around cooking fresh foods at home. So my first project with this in mind is the new 2016 Calendar "Action Snack."

I love simple things, almost like stuff kids eat these days. Tomato, avocado and salami on a cracker, for example. That one is actually something my wife and I call "camping sushi." Or oatmeal and raisins, or the cut apples which I eat probably everyday, and the rainbow carrots.  My sense of wonder and awe is communicated by putting a little movement in each month's design; a feeling of weightlessness, like floating. Imagine watching cheese and a peice of apple pie falling in slow-motion onto a plate. Many of these are my comfort foods, feel-good foods. I like how I feel when I eat stuff like this. The sense of color was important. At first, I wasn't sure about doing full flood colors on each page but then I realized you need that attitude, that strong statement to make the proper feeling happen; a feeling that I associate with the months of the year. I'm feeling like this project will be setting the style & tone for the 2016 edition, and I can't wait to get started.