The Power of Mid-Century posters

What is it about the power of these poster ads from the 30's to 40's? I started making this project because of the startling, subtle, emotive power of these images, even 60 years after they were created. I suppose you can see the earnestness of the images-- absolutely no irony-- and that's rare. I feel there's a craving among my generation and younger to go off and do something together. Just join up and make something happen-- not necessarily military (and I realize this is where that spirit is often channeled) but just to be purposeful and have a role. Thats pretty neat to think about. For me, I guess I participate by drawing pictures! 

If you like powerful vintage posters, consider visiting the Portland Art Museum to see the exhibit "Feast and Famine: The Pleasures and Politics of Food". It's about how "artists use the topic of food and drink as a means to explore society, examine ritual, and advocate politically." Until May 4, my posters "Keep 'Em Flying" and "Break New Ground" will be included in the collection.