What's the "Garden of Democracy"?

I ask myself, what's the world need now? The answer as I see it: some hands-on tending!


As much as I'm distraught with the things I read in the news, I try to keep a long view of America. That's why I like the metaphor of the citizen/gardener.

The way I see it, we need more hands-on citizens to set examples, to be active, to question, to show up and follow up. Just like a gardener who plants seeds, waters, pulls weeds, picks up after a storm, experiments with new things, and always stays optimistic.

"We have nothing to fear, but fear itself," said one of my favorite Presidents: FDR. We'll work through this time, emerge stronger, with lessons learned. "Gardeners of Democracy" is what we can call ourselves.

In this way, I hope to make work that assuages anxiety, and builds confidence in our ability to work through adversity.